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Tailored Workforce

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Why Work with Us?

Need identification

Identification of your needs

  • Proximity, flexibility, availability and transparency

  • Cost efficiency, time savings and increased productivity

  • Tried and tested quality of services

Access to talent pool - sourcing

Resource Sourcing

  • Reactive and rapid: local, national, and international network

  • Choice and volume: database of 6,000 profiles

  • Establishing and retaining talent

Matching candidates to your needs

Resource matching to your needs

  • Corporate culture, productivity, and assessment tests

  • Access to innovative tools and efficient processes

  • Optimisation and quality of applications received (shortlist)

  • Candidate training

Administration of assignment


  • Tested and certified processes: coherent and high-quality services

  • Compliance: adherence to current labour market and collective agreement legislation

  • Time savings

Our Strengths

Who are we?

A group of passionate and experienced individuals, intent on bringing about change within the labour hire and job services industries. For years, there’s been a divide between government-appointed job service agencies and labour-hire agencies. Our services bridge that gap using our unique “Learn, Grow, Earn” model.

We train people, we develop people, we employ people. Simple. Ultimately, this underpins our “Learn, Grow, Earn” model. We have strategic partnerships with job agencies, training providers and employers. This combined with our team of driven individuals has led to many people’s lives being changed. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do.

Our Unique Model

Tailored Workforce's model is underpinned by understanding our clients, completely and entirely. We believe that the only way we can provide the best people is if we understand our customers so intimately, we effectively become and extension of their own team. By doing this, a relationship of cooperation is developed and fostered.

Tailored services

Wide range of services

Our personnel consultants are human resource specialists who can help with all your recruitment initiatives, from temporary personnel dispatched within 24 hours to recruitment of highly qualified permanent employees.

Aside from permanent or temporary staff recruitment, Tailored Workforce has the expertise and infrastructure in payroll, outplacement, and on-site outsourcing services

To offer our clients an even more complete range of services, Tailored Workforce works in close collaboration with 3rd party trainers...

Qualified candidates

Our first contact with a candidate allows us to target the candidate's profile. If the profile matches an open position or assignment, we administer aptitude tests to better understand the candidate's level in various domains. We also provide specific training to meet the needs of the role.


Our consultants understand your Industries challenges and opportunities. Their experience helps them to recognise your needs and deliver appropriate solutions.

Employment with Tailored Workforce

Our strength as one of the pre-eminent recruitment companies in Australia is determined by the quality of our staff. By joining Tailored Workforce, you become a full and effective member of an outstanding team.

If you believe that you have the qualities and experience to be a part of our dynamic Team then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how you may be able to become a key player and driving force in our future.

Join our team